Transparent pricing

You are provided with a detailed estimate of a project, and a price always stays fixed, if the scope of work isn’t changed in the process of development.

In case you prefer to cooperate on per-hour basis, we provide you with detailed time-sheets.

Simple and effective collaboration

We use tools that let you easily set tasks and track our work.

You want to collaborate with our team in the development process? No problem — join us in the Project Management and Bug Tracking systems.


All the data and materials sent to MightyMatics are kept confidential. We sign a non-disclosure agreement.

High quality

Yes, it’s a basic feature, but we should mention it. Our team comprises of skilled and experienced experts only.

All the works carried out by MightyMatics are provided with a 4-year warranty.

MightyMatics guarantee the high quality of the service by completing a service level agreement.
You are welcome to request an SLA sample.

Depending on the project features, we offer 3 models of cooperation.

  1. Fixed price

    MightyMatics set a fixed price of a project and keep to the estimated budget if the scope of work doesn’t change in the process of development.
    It is suitable when you provide mockups and detailed specifications.

  2. Per hour

    You pay for the hours that MightyMatics professionals spend for performance of tasks, basing on the provided reports.

    It is applied to the projects that can not be accurately estimated, or when the project requirements are likely to change in the development process.

  3. Dedicated team

    MightyMatics professionals work exclusively on your projects.